Our 3 challenges:

People: 3-8
Success rate: 42 %

A murder has taken place in the creepy old salon and the door just locked behind you. Clues have been layed out to aid you in this breathtaking pursuit of freedom! So hurry, make your way out before the murderer comes back for another victim!

People: 2-6
Success rate: 38%

What if you were locked up behind bars in a prison cell? Would you Escape in time - or stay forever locked within? In Prison Break you have to break codes and solve puzzles to get out. But be careful of how you spend your precious time, fo in truth you didn't commit that crime.

People: 3-7
Success rate: 30 %

In the deep dark dungeon beneath the chapel lies the relic. Find it before it's too late. Find it before the guardians find you! You have finally got a lead on where The Holy Grail might be. Enter the Chapel for the quest of your lives. But beware, the chapel holds many secrets which some would do anything to protect... Opens February 2016!

About The Game

Escape House Gothenburg offers an interactive and thrilling game experience unlike anything else. You and your friends get locked into a room under suspicious circumstances. You know you have to break out before the time runs out. You will have to find clues, break codes and solve mysterious puzzles in order to work your way out in time if you should dare to accept the challenge.

Escape House is the perfect activity to do in Gothenburg a rainy as well as a sunny day! Excellent as a business event and can be combined with catering. Perfect for the bridal shower, bachelor party, as a tourist activity, with the family and / or the kids or why not with a group of friends?


Adult: 250 SEK / person

Student: 225 SEK / person

Child / teenager up to 15 years: 175 SEK / person


- We do not accept cash.

- The challenge will take maximum 60 minutes.

- If you are 8 persons (or more); we recommend that you divide into at least two rooms to get the best experience.

- We do not sell alcohol. You are allowed to bring your own (if you keep it nice and clean). At high intoxication, we reserve the right to refuse or interrupt your game.

- No special clothing is necessary, since it is not physcial.  

- Please be here approximately 10 minutes before your time starts!


Price: 225 SEK pp. Students and kids: 200 SEK pp.
For intraday booking please call: +46 31 388 00 60

Prison Break Trapped The Chapel


Some snapps of our facility and some happy escapees!


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All three rooms can be played in both Swedish and English.
A game round in one of our escape rooms is taking maximum 60 minutes, but perhaps you can solve it faster than that? Also count on to be there ten minutes before to receive instructions.
Definitely not. Our escape rooms are not some form of IQ-test and requires no math skills, but rather imaginative, innovative ideas and thinking outside the box are rewarded in Escape House Gothenburgs different challenges. From experience we have found that there are heterogeneous groups of different ages and varying conditions that succeeds in Escape House.
It is of course individual, but our games has unique individual clues which is adjusted by the group and the level of difficulty can be adjust as well. That makes the same challenge suitable for adults such as families with children.
We are convinced that it is both fun and evolving to play together with your children. If they still like to play themselves, we would like if someone in the group is 15 years old or older.
Absolutely! Children from about ages 12 and up can participate and contribute to the game a lot. If your child/children are younger than that; perhaps they do not contribute to the solution to the same extent, but they can still appreciate the game as it includes some elements that are cool and can be performed even by younger!
Yes you can! We offer customized solutions for large groups and can receive about 28 visitors in 2 hours. We also offer catering and more. Call or email us for more information!
You can at the latest book 24 hours before the current playing time. If you want to play after this, you're welcome to call to see if there are some times available! It is also possible to book many months in advance if you want to be sure to get a specific time.
It depends. It's different for all people since various senses are being tested in the different rooms. Please check the sucessrate on the site for the different rooms to see which room is the most difficult, according to the statistics !
Yes. We have had many people who have played with claustrophobia and never thought that it's been tough. The Chapel is a little tighter spaces than Trapped and Prison Break though, so it may not be recommended if you have severe claustrophobia.
You will be trapped in here forever. Haha no, of course we will let you out!
In Escape House Gothenburgs challenges you only play with the group you came with.
All the people you come with will play together as a team in the room that you have booked.
Escape House is a perfect activity for the company or the larger groups. It is possible to divide you, if you are in multiple gropus, where you play a few in each room. A person can not play all the rooms simultaneously, but may play one after the other.
Other names for this type of game is: Quest room, Room Escape, Escape the Room, Live Room Escape, Real -Life Room Escape, Escape Game, breakout games, utbrytarspel. It can also be likened to the "Fort Boyard".
Our 3 different challenges have different themes and unique problem solving to get out from. Prison Break is slightly easier than the other courses but still hard enough for everyone. Prison break is a linear path so that a solution leads to the next. Trapped has several parallelly to track which means that there are several problems to solve at the same time. The Chapel is a mixture of both and is a path with two milestones; to first find the Holy Grail and then get out with it!
250 SEK per person.
At the latest; 48 hours before the booked time.
You can either come by the buildning and pay and pick up the gift certificate. The other options available are the payment by swish and that we then post or e-mail the gift card / gift cards. It is also possible to buy the gift card right here on the site.
Swish, card and also invoice.
Then the time is deducted from your booking. You only have one hour to play, and since we usually have reservations afterwards; we need to keep on schedule .
All our rooms are under camera surveillance of safety reasons and for the most efficient way to help the gambling if necessary!
It depends on which room you are going to play. Please check "Rooms" in the menu to find the recommended number for each room.
To take on an escape room is a perfect after work activity, it is okay to bring alcohol and drink at the facility, but not inside the rooms. However, we reserve the right to cancel the game if we see that a group can not manage themselves by reason of intoxication. Escape games are best experienced when sober!
We offer several kinds of catering services in connection with your experience with us! Of course it is possible to arrange special diet as long as we know about it when we do the order to the caterer.
Yes, we have a smaller audio equipment that can be loaned to guests who are eating our catering or groups who have booked the facility for several hours.
That depends on whatever fits your group the best. But we do have to know which time you want to be served in time.
If you choose what time and date you want to play and press the "book" button; you can see the various options for catering. There is everything between some light refreshments to a festive meal! Escape House is a perfect place to host a celebration or the kick-off for the job!
We are located at Gråberget in Majorna in central Gothenburg. Address: Stortoppsgatan 3 , 414 57 Gothenburg.
Just outside is the bus stop Gråberget that goes between Brunnsparken and Frölunda Torg. From Brunnsparken the bus takes 12 minutes. The line contains bus 90, 96 and 86 and goes approximately every 20 minutes. You can also take the tram to the Chapmans Torg or Mariaplan and then walk 5 minutes up the hill.
There is plenty of parking in the area and the easiest is to park by Kabelvägen, it's free for 2 hours. Another alternative is to park just outside. It's free after 18 on weekdays, after 15 on saturdays and all day Sunday !

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Adress: Stortoppsgatan 3, 414 57 Göteborg Telephone: +46 31 388 00 60, E-mail: